Tecnifibre TF40 305 18M Tennis Racquet

Tecnifibre TF40 305 18M Tennis Racquet

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Tecnifibre introduces an updated TF40 305 18M Tennis Racquet! The previous TF40s were a favorite of advanced players who require absolute precision and feel to succeed on court. With the new model, Tecnifibre borrowed from the beam design of the T-Fights, and constructed the RS Sharp Section. The frame is thinner, and more squared off than the T-Fight series for greater flex at impact. To produce a classic and comfortable response, the TF40 models are filled with foam. The foam absorbs racquet vibration to enhance the feel for the ball. Though the TF40 305 is designed for the best players in the world, the grommets are wider and longer to make the string bed more powerful and forgiving. The TF40 305 features a medium flex, 22 millimeter beam, and a dense 18x20 string pattern. At only 10.8 ounces unstrung, the 18M can help advanced ball strikers attack with greater control. The new cosmetic blends the red, white and blue French heritage with a more modern graphic logo print for a design unlike any racquet on the market. The TF40 305 18M is a fantastic choice for elite players who prefer control with feel, and can produce their own power.