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Head Gravity Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet

Head Gravity Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet

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The HEAD Gravity Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet is specifically designed for young tennis players who are transitioning to a larger racquet size. It belongs to the Gravity series by HEAD, which is known for its combination of power, control, and spin. Here's a general description of the HEAD Gravity Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet:

1. Construction: The racquet is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of junior players and their developing playing style.

2. Length: The Gravity Jr. 25" has a length of 25 inches, which is longer than a typical junior racquet but shorter than a standard adult racquet. The increased length helps young players generate more power and reach on their shots while still maintaining maneuverability.

3. Head Size: The racquet features a midplus head size, typically around 100 square inches. This provides a good balance between power and control, offering a generous sweet spot for consistent shot-making.

4. Power and Control: The Gravity Jr. 25" offers a balance of power and control, allowing junior players to develop their shots with confidence. It provides enough power for their shots while maintaining control and precision.

5. Maneuverability: The lightweight nature of the racquet makes it easy for junior players to maneuver and swing the racquet, helping them develop proper technique and court coverage.

6. Stylish Design: The Gravity Jr. 25" typically features a visually appealing design with HEAD's branding, incorporating vibrant colors and graphics that appeal to young players.

Head Size : 100in
Size: 26 Inch
Length: 25 in.
Grip: 4 0/8
Material: Graphite
Frame Weight: 9.5 OZ Strung
  • Size: 26 Inch
  • Grip: 4 0/8
  • Material: Graphite
  • Frame Weight: 9.5 OZ Strung
  • Head Size : 100in
  • Length: 25 in.