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Babolat Xcel 12m String

Babolat Xcel 12m String

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Ultra-compact multifilament string with high durability. Its composition is based on highly technical polyamide fibers for greater comfort.

The Babolat Xcel 12m Tennis String Set refers to a package containing a set of tennis strings, specifically the Babolat Xcel tennis strings. Here's a breakdown of the key features of this tennis string set:

1. String Set: The package contains a set of tennis strings suitable for stringing one tennis racket. A standard tennis racket typically requires around 40 feet (12 meters) of string, which is why this package provides enough string to restring a single racket.

2. Babolat Xcel Tennis Strings: The Babolat Xcel strings are known for their comfort, playability, and feel. They are multifilament strings, which means they are constructed from several microfibers to provide a softer and more responsive touch on the ball.

3. Material: Multifilament strings like the Babolat Xcel are made from a blend of synthetic materials, typically polyurethane or polyamide microfibers. This construction aims to mimic the feel and playability of natural gut strings while offering better durability and tension maintenance.

4. Comfort: The Babolat Xcel strings are designed to provide excellent comfort and reduce shock on the player's arm, making them a popular choice for players seeking a softer feel on their shots.

5. Playability: Multifilament strings generally offer good playability, providing better ball pocketing and control on the court. They are favored by players who prioritize touch and feel in their game.

Restringing a tennis racket with new strings is essential for maintaining optimal performance and feel. Tennis strings naturally lose tension and wear over time with regular play, affecting the racket's responsiveness and playability.

Length: 12 m
Composition: polyamide Long-lasting
Multifilament strings
  • Length: 12 m
  • Multifilament strings
  • Composition: polyamide Long-lasting