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Babolat Unisex – Adult's Addixon Saitenset 12m - Nude Tennis String

Babolat Unisex – Adult's Addixon Saitenset 12m - Nude Tennis String

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The Babolat Unisex - Adult's Addixon Saitenset 12m - Nude Tennis String is a string set designed for tennis rackets. It is produced by Babolat, a well-known and respected brand in the tennis industry, known for manufacturing high-quality tennis equipment and accessories.

Key features and characteristics of the Babolat Addixon Saitenset include:

1. String Type: The Addixon Saitenset is a tennis string set made for both male and female players, hence the "Unisex" designation. The set includes a length of 12 meters (approximately 39 feet) of tennis string.

2. Material: The specific material of the string is not mentioned in the provided description. Babolat offers a variety of tennis strings with different materials, such as synthetic gut, multifilament, polyester, and natural gut. Each type of string has its unique characteristics, offering varying levels of power, control, durability, and feel.

3. Color: The color of the string is described as "Nude," which typically refers to a natural or light-colored string that blends well with various racket designs.

5. String Set: The Babolat Addixon Saitenset is a full set of strings, which is suitable for stringing one tennis racket. It provides enough string to cover the main and cross strings of the racket.

Length: 12 meters
Color: Nude
Gauge: 1.30, 1.25
  • Babolat Addixon String Set 12 m Ecru