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Yonex Towel Grip (Black)

Yonex Towel Grip (Black)

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The Yonex Towel Grip in Black is a premium accessory designed to enhance grip performance and provide superior comfort during intense tennis or badminton matches. Made from high-quality materials, this towel grip offers excellent moisture absorption, ensuring a dry and secure grip even in the most demanding conditions. With its soft and cushioned texture, the Yonex Towel Grip delivers optimal comfort and control, allowing players to focus on their game with confidence.

Technical Characteristics and Specs:

Material: The towel grip is made from a high-quality blend of cotton and synthetic fibers, providing excellent grip tackiness and responsiveness.

Moisture Absorption: The towel grip's unique construction allows for efficient moisture absorption, keeping the grip dry and preventing slippage caused by sweat or humidity.

Anti-Slip Surface: The towel grip's textured surface enhances grip stability, minimizing racket slippage during powerful swings and ensuring consistent shot execution.

Cushioned Texture: The towel grip features a soft and cushioned texture that offers a comfortable feel and reduces vibration, minimizing hand fatigue during extended gameplay.

Breathability: The towel grip's design promotes airflow, allowing for better ventilation and reducing the build-up of moisture and heat.
Durability and Longevity:

Construction: The Yonex Towel Grip is constructed with durable materials that withstand the rigors of intense play, maintaining its grip qualities and performance over an extended period.

Wear Resistance: The towel grip is designed to be highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring its durability and reliability even with frequent use.

Easy Application: The towel grip is designed for easy installation on tennis or badminton racket handles, with a convenient adhesive strip that securely attaches the grip to the racket.

Easy Maintenance: The towel grip is washable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep it fresh and hygienic.

Brand: YONEX
Color: Black
The Yonex Towel Grip is sold individually
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Color: Black
  • The Yonex Towel Grip is sold individually