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Yonex Super Grap Racquet Overgrip Red 3 Pack

Yonex Super Grap Racquet Overgrip Red 3 Pack

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The Yonex Super GRAP is a premium overgrip designed for tennis, badminton, and other racket sports. It offers exceptional grip, comfort, and durability, making it an excellent choice for both professional athletes and recreational players. The overgrip comes in a sleek Red color and includes three wraps, allowing players to replace worn-out grips or customize the thickness of their handle for optimal performance.

Technical Characteristics:

Grip Material: The Yonex Super GRAP is crafted from a high-quality synthetic material that combines durability, sweat absorption, and tackiness. This ensures a reliable and consistent grip, even during intense gameplay.

Thickness: The overgrip has a moderate thickness, providing a comfortable feel without sacrificing control. It strikes a balance between cushioning and a direct connection to the racket, allowing players to maintain precise shots and quick maneuverability.

Surface Texture: The Super GRAP features a unique textured surface that enhances traction and prevents slippage. The patterned design offers an improved grip, enabling players to generate more power and spin while maintaining control over their shots.

Sweat Absorption: To combat moisture and maintain a dry grip, the overgrip is equipped with excellent sweat absorption capabilities. It effectively wicks away perspiration, ensuring a firm hold on the racket even during long, intense matches.

Durability: Yonex Super GRAP is built to withstand rigorous use. It exhibits high resistance to wear and tear, allowing it to maintain its performance and longevity over an extended period. This durability ensures that players can rely on the overgrip for consistent performance without frequent replacements.

Color: Red
Quantity: 3 wraps per pack
Brand: YONEX
Suitable for tennis, badminton
  • Color: Red
  • Quantity: 3 wraps per pack
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Suitable for tennis, badminton