Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion X Men Shoes (Acid Yellow)

Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion X Men Shoes (Acid Yellow)

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POWER CUSHION+ The ECLIPSION Z features a specially shaped wedge of POWER CUSHION+ in the heel designed specifically to absorb shock associated with the footwork of badminton. By improving shock absorption, our POWER CUSHION+ technology transforms impact into energy. A 28%* increase in shock absorption and a 62%** increase in repulsion when compared to the standard EVA materials.

Badminton shoes with good support - Yonex Eclipsion X
This shoe has a super good fit, which adapts to your foot and gives you comfort and support. The shoe is designed with extra support especially in the midsole. It comes with a rigid heel cap, for extra stability and support.

A super good badminton shoe if you suffer from ankle injuries or have problems with twisting.

A badminton shoe with good shock absorption!
With this shoe you get Yonex's well-known shock absorption system Power Cushion + in the entire sole, which provides optimal support without the badminton shoe becoming heavier.

Compared to previous systems, the + system provides 28% more shock absorption and 62% more bounce.

Pull on this cool badminton shoe before your opponent and experience comfort and stability in a class of its own!

Color: Yellow with orange details