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YONEX Polytour Spin G 125 Tennis Reel String (Dark Red)

YONEX Polytour Spin G 125 Tennis Reel String (Dark Red)

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The YONEX Polytour Spin G 125 Tennis Reel String is a high-performance string designed for tennis players seeking enhanced spin and control on the court. With its durable construction and innovative technology, this string provides excellent tension maintenance, superior bite on the ball, and a responsive feel. The Dark Red color adds a touch of elegance to your racket while representing your style and sophistication.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

Material: The Polytour Spin G 125 string is crafted using a high-quality co-polyester material. This composition ensures excellent durability, resilience, and control, making it suitable for players who prefer a more aggressive playing style.

Gauge: The string has a standard gauge of 1.25mm, offering a balance between power and control. The optimal thickness allows players to generate ample spin while maintaining accuracy and feel.

String Length: This product comes in a convenient reel format, providing a generous amount of string length for multiple restringing sessions or stringing multiple rackets. The length allows for customization and flexibility based on individual playing styles and preferences.

Color: The Dark Red color of the string adds a touch of sophistication and style to your racket. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your equipment but also reflects your passion and dedication to the game.

Performance Benefits:

Spin Generation: The Polytour Spin G 125 string is specifically designed to generate exceptional spin on the ball. Its unique texture and co-polyester composition provide excellent bite and grip, allowing players to impart maximum spin on their shots.

Control and Precision: The string's construction offers excellent control and precision, enabling players to place their shots with accuracy. This level of control allows for aggressive shots while maintaining consistent placement and depth.

Durability: The high-quality co-polyester material ensures exceptional durability, making the string resistant to wear and tear. It provides extended string life, reducing the need for frequent restringing and saving both time and money.

1,25 mm
String Reel
Color: Dark Red
Brand: YONEX
  • Yonex
  • String Reel
  • 1,25 mm
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Color: Dark Red