Yonex Nanoray 95 DX Badminton Racquet

Yonex Nanoray 95 DX Badminton Racquet

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1.Nanoray 95DX is developed with DX frame technology. In DX frame technology, Yonex redesign the cross section of frame and make it wider at longitudinally and strengthen at lateral direction. Redesigning of frame gives added bending strength and impact strength to racket frame. 2.This Racket is belongs to head light series which is designed to delivery fast racket handling with control on shuttle. 3.Aero frame concept is used to design the frame which gives superb racket frame aerodynamcis. 4.State of the art side frame design (YONEX used new material called Nanometric at frame which make frame to be flex at middle while stiff at top at bottom. This type of hyper material configuration gives better frame elasticity and hold the shuttle longer time at string bed which results into better shuttle control. 5.Racket weight is around 88g with G4 grip configuration 6.Its frame material can withstand the strong string tension up to 33 LBS. Player who love to play with 28lbs; this new innovation will stun them. 7.Racket is equipped with T Anchor which is a new material used at the T Joint of racket to make it more stable during fast badminton rallies. 8.Yonex used new grommets pattern to racket frame with single pass grommets construction. This gives opportunities to add up more grommets holes.
  • Flex: Stiff / Frame: H.M.Graphite/NANOCELL/ SOLID TITANIUM
  • 3U5
  • POWER BOOST CAP increases speed, while NANOCELL and SOLID TITANIUM increase repulsion