YONEX NANOFLARE JR Badminton Racket (4U7)

YONEX NANOFLARE JR Badminton Racket (4U7)

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Add speed and maneuverability to your game with the Yonex NanoFlare Junior Badminton Racquet. The lightweight, standard length and small G7 grip size allow young players to easily hold and swing this racquet. The Nanoflare has been engineered to improve swing speed and its the first racquet that provides access to point winning power of increased shuttle acceleration in one racquet.
  • Flex: Hi-Flex
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Frame: Graphite/Nanocell NEO/HM Graphite
  • Weight/Grip Size: 4U/G7
  • Model Number: NFJRBG4UG7