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YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock (Yellow) (2 - Pack)

YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock (Yellow) (2 - Pack)

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The YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock in Yellow is a high-quality shuttlecock designed for fast-paced badminton play. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this shuttlecock offers consistent flight and excellent performance on the court.

The vibrant yellow color ensures easy visibility during gameplay. With a 2-pack configuration, you'll have multiple shuttlecocks at your disposal for extended practice sessions or competitive matches.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

Shuttlecock Type: Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock
The YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Shuttlecock is crafted using premium nylon materials, offering durability and consistent performance. This shuttlecock is specifically designed to deliver a fast flight and suitable for players who prefer a more aggressive playing style.

Speed Category: Fast
The Mavis 350 is categorized as a "fast" shuttlecock, meaning it is designed to provide a quicker and more dynamic flight trajectory. It suits players who prefer a faster-paced game with rapid exchanges and powerful shots.

Material: Nylon Skirt
The shuttlecock features a nylon skirt, which provides resilience, durability, and consistent flight characteristics. The nylon material ensures that the shuttlecock retains its shape and performance even after extended use.

Color: Yellow
The YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Shuttlecock comes in a vibrant yellow color. The bright color enhances visibility, allowing players to track the shuttlecock's movement with ease during gameplay.

Pack Size: 2 Shuttlecocks
The Mavis 350 shuttlecocks are conveniently packed in a 2-pack configuration, providing players with multiple shuttlecocks for practice or matches. Having extra shuttlecocks ensures uninterrupted play and allows for quick replacement when required.

Flight Performance:
The Mavis 350 shuttlecock is designed to offer consistent flight characteristics, stability, and accuracy. Its fast speed category enables it to travel swiftly through the air, making it suitable for players who require quick reflexes and agility.

Suitable for: Badminton Players of all levels
The YONEX Mavis 350 Fast Badminton Nylon Shuttlecock is suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced players. Whether you're practicing your skills, playing recreationally, or competing in high-intensity matches, the Mavis 350 provides a reliable and consistent shuttlecock option.

Brand: YONEX
Color: Yellow
2 pack
Fast Speed
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Color: Yellow
  • 2 pack