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Yonex League 7 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock

Yonex League 7 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock

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Need a feather shuttlecock that doesn't burn a hole in the wallet? We've found the one just for you! The Yonex League 7 Feather shuttlecocks, are great for the everyday average Joe.
A solid choice to use for practice shuttles as well!

Made with composite cork and duck feathers.

Yonex has been meticulously hand-crafting the best feather shuttlecocks in the world since 1965. Each of our shuttles is assembled by a team of expert craftsmen using the finest materials.

They are then individually tested to make sure they deliver consistent flight trajectory, accuracy and distance at all temperatures. That’s why the best players and the biggest tournaments in the world choose Yonex shuttlecocks.
  • 12 Shuttles per Tube
  • Feather: Duck Feather
  • Flight Speed: 2