Yonex Dynawire Reel (Red) (1.30mm / 16GA 200m / 656feet)

Yonex Dynawire Reel (Red) (1.30mm / 16GA 200m / 656feet)

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Yonex Dynawire Tennis String Reel uses a solid core construction for a crisp feel and durable response. The string also incorporates a unique metal film around it for a boost in power, and silicone coating to help the strings slide easily. Dynawire is a solid all-around synthetic gut string with a comfortable response. Construction: Solid Core Synthetic Gut with Silicone and Metal Film wrap


  • Colors: White | Blue | Black | Red | Yellow Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 16 L / 1.25 mm Length: 656 ft / 200 m