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Yonex Dynawire 16L Tennis String Reel (Black)

Yonex Dynawire 16L Tennis String Reel (Black)

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The Yonex Dynawire Reel is a high-performance badminton string reel designed to provide players with exceptional power, control, and durability. This reel contains a long-lasting string that is suitable for players who seek maximum performance and reliability in their game. With its sleek black color and generous length of 200 meters (656 feet), the Yonex Dynawire Reel offers badminton enthusiasts and professionals alike the opportunity to restring their rackets with a high-quality string that will enhance their playing experience.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

String Type: Badminton String
The Yonex Dynawire Reel contains a badminton string that is specifically designed to meet the demands of the sport. It is crafted using advanced materials and technology to deliver optimal performance, durability, and playability.

Material: Multifilament
The Dynawire string is made from high-quality multifilament materials. This construction ensures excellent elasticity, responsiveness, and durability, allowing players to generate powerful shots while maintaining control and feel during gameplay.

Gauge: 1.25 / 16L GA.
The Yonex Dynawire string has a gauge of 1.25mm or 16L GA. This gauge refers to the thickness of the string. The 1.25mm thickness offers a good balance between power and control, providing players with a versatile string that suits a variety of playing styles.

Length: 200 meters / 656 feet
The Dynawire Reel contains a generous length of 200 meters or 656 feet of string. This ample amount of string allows for multiple restringing sessions, making it suitable for frequent players, coaches, or badminton clubs. It ensures that players have enough string to maintain optimal tension and performance over an extended period.

Color: Black
The Yonex Dynawire string is presented in a sleek black color. The black color adds a touch of elegance to your racket and complements a wide range of racket designs.

Performance Benefits:
The Yonex Dynawire string offers excellent power and control. Its multifilament construction provides enhanced repulsion and elasticity, allowing players to generate explosive shots while maintaining precision and accuracy. The string's durability ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent restringing.

Suitable for: Players of all levels
The Yonex Dynawire Reel is suitable for players of all levels, from recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes. Its versatile gauge and performance benefits cater to a wide range of playing styles and preferences.

1.25 / 16L GA. 200m / 656feet
Color: Black
Brand: YONEX
Multifilament construction
Excellent elasticity
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Color: Black
  • 1.25 / 16L GA. 200m / 656feet