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YONEX BG 70 Pro Micron Badminton String

YONEX BG 70 Pro Micron Badminton String

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The YONEX BG 70 Pro Micron Badminton String is a high-performance string designed for professional and advanced badminton players seeking optimal power and precision. Constructed with advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, this string offers excellent repulsion, durability, and control. The BG 70 Pro Micron string provides a crisp and responsive feel, allowing players to unleash their full potential on the court.

Technical Characteristics:

Construction: The BG 70 Pro Micron string features a high-modulus Vectran fiber core wrapped with a special braided fiber outer layer. This construction enhances the string's repulsion power, delivering explosive shot-making capabilities. The use of advanced materials ensures durability and consistent performance.

Gauge: The string has a thin gauge, which refers to the thickness of the string. The specific gauge measurement may vary, but it is designed to provide enhanced power and responsiveness. The thin gauge contributes to the string's excellent repulsion and precision.

Power and Control: The BG 70 Pro Micron string strikes a balance between power and control. It allows players to generate explosive shots with ease while maintaining precise control over their strokes. The string's construction and materials offer a crisp and responsive feel, enhancing shot accuracy.

Durability: YONEX is renowned for producing durable strings, and the BG 70 Pro Micron is no exception. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure exceptional durability, reducing the chances of string breakage during intense gameplay.

Tension Holding: The BG 70 Pro Micron string boasts excellent tension holding capabilities. It retains its tension well, even when strung at higher tensions, allowing players to maintain consistent performance throughout extended play.

Gauge: 22
Diameter: 0.70 mm.
Composition: Multifilament
Surface: Textured
Colour: White
Length: 33 ft. / 10 m.
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Gauge: 22
  • Composition: Multifilament
  • Color: White
  • Surface: Textured
  • Surface: Textured
  • Length: 33 ft. / 10 m.