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Yonex BG-66 Turquoise Badminton String

Yonex BG-66 Turquoise Badminton String

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The Yonex BG-66 Turquoise Badminton String is a high-performance string designed to provide players with exceptional power, control, and durability on the badminton court.

The BG-66 Turquoise string features a thin gauge of 0.66mm, allowing for enhanced repulsion power and excellent control. It is constructed using a high-intensity nylon multifilament core and a special braided fiber outer coating, resulting in a string that offers a balance of power and precision.

With its advanced construction, the BG-66 Turquoise string provides players with a sharp and crisp feel, allowing for precise shot placement and improved maneuverability during rallies. The string's high repulsion power makes it ideal for aggressive players who rely on powerful shots and smashes.

The Yonex BG-66 Turquoise Badminton String is suitable for players who seek a high-performance string that offers a combination of power, control, and durability. Whether you're a recreational player or a competitive athlete, this string will help elevate your game and provide you with the performance you need on the badminton court.
  • String Type: Multifilament with a braided fiber outer coating
  • Gauge: 0.66mm / 22 gauge
  • Length: 10 Meter ( 33 Feet )
  • Construction: High-intensity nylon multifilament core for power and control
  • Recommended Tension: 20-28 lbs (may vary based on personal preference)