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YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String

YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String

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The YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String 10m (Cyan) is a high-quality and performance-driven product designed specifically for badminton players seeking exceptional power and control in their game.

With its vibrant cyan color, this badminton string not only adds a touch of style to your racket but also offers outstanding durability and playability. The 10-meter length is ideal for stringing a single racket, ensuring you have enough string to fully restring or make multiple repairs.

The BG 66 Force string is engineered using advanced technology and premium materials, making it a top choice among professional and competitive players. Its high-intensity nylon multifilament construction provides excellent repulsion power, allowing you to generate explosive shots with minimal effort. The string's thin gauge further enhances its responsiveness, enabling precise control over shuttle placement and accuracy during intense rallies.

Furthermore, the BG 66 Force string features YONEX's proprietary Air-Intake System, which absorbs shock and reduces tension loss, resulting in longer-lasting string performance. This innovative technology not only enhances the overall feel of the racket but also maximizes the string's durability, making it suitable for frequent use and prolonged play.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a passionate enthusiast, the YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String 10m (Cyan) offers the perfect combination of power, control, and durability, allowing you to elevate your game to new heights.

  • Size 10meters
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Material Polymer,Nylon
  • Skill Level: All
  • Frame Material: Nylon