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YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String

YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String

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The YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String 200m Reel in Yellow is a high-quality badminton string designed for players seeking exceptional power and control in their game. This product is part of YONEX's renowned BG series, known for its durability and superior performance on the court.

The BG 66 Force string is crafted with precision and care, using advanced materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. Its construction features a thin gauge of 0.65mm, which enhances repulsion power, allowing for explosive shots and swift racket handling. The thin gauge also provides excellent feedback and touch, enabling players to have precise control over their shots.

The vibrant yellow color adds a stylish touch to your racket, making it stand out on the court. It not only looks great but also offers excellent visibility, ensuring you never lose sight of the shuttlecock during intense rallies.

The 200m reel length is perfect for players who frequently restring their rackets or for coaches and clubs who require a larger quantity of string. It provides ample stringing material to equip multiple rackets, ensuring you have enough to maintain your game at its peak.

The YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String is suitable for players of all levels, from recreational players to professionals, who demand a string that can withstand rigorous play and deliver exceptional performance consistently. It is an ideal choice for players who prefer a balance of power, control, and durability in their game.

Upgrade your badminton racket with the YONEX BG 66 Force Badminton String 200m Reel in Yellow, and experience the difference in your shots as you dominate the court with power, precision, and style..

  • Gauge: 0.65mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Durability: 6
  • Hitting Sound: 9
  • Control: 10