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YONEX BG 65 Ti Badminton String 200m Reel-(Lemon Yellow)

YONEX BG 65 Ti Badminton String 200m Reel-(Lemon Yellow)

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The YONEX BG 65 Ti Badminton String is a high-quality string designed for professional and advanced badminton players. This particular variant comes in a vibrant Lemon Yellow color, adding a touch of style to your racket. Engineered with advanced technology and premium materials, this string offers exceptional performance, durability, and control on the court.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

Material: The YONEX BG 65 Ti Badminton String is crafted using a blend of high-quality titanium and multifilament construction. This combination ensures excellent elasticity, resilience, and strength.

Gauge: The string has a standard gauge of 0.70mm, which strikes a balance between power and control. The optimal thickness enables players to generate powerful shots while maintaining accuracy and feel.

String Length: This product comes in a convenient 200-meter reel, providing ample string length for multiple stringing sessions or restringing multiple rackets. The generous amount allows for customization and flexibility according to individual playing styles and preferences.

Color: The Lemon Yellow color of the string adds a vibrant and energetic look to your racket. The visually striking hue not only enhances the aesthetics of your equipment but also stands out on the badminton court.

Performance Benefits:

Power and Control: The YONEX BG 65 Ti string offers a perfect blend of power and control. The titanium infusion enhances the string's durability and responsiveness, allowing players to generate powerful smashes while maintaining precision and accuracy in their shots.

Durability: The titanium and multifilament construction provides excellent durability and resilience, ensuring that the string lasts through intense gameplay and frequent string impacts. This longevity reduces the frequency of restringing, saving both time and money.

Repulsion and Feel: The advanced materials used in this string deliver exceptional repulsion and feel. This means that players experience enhanced shuttle response and a better sense of touch, enabling precise shot placement and quick reflexes on the court.

Tension Stability: The YONEX BG 65 Ti string exhibits remarkable tension stability, ensuring consistent performance over time. It minimizes string movement, maintaining optimal tension throughout matches or training sessions.

Compatibility: The YONEX BG 65 Ti Badminton String is suitable for all types of badminton rackets, making it a versatile choice for players of various skill levels and play styles.

Brand: YONEX
Badminton String 200m Reel
Color: Yellow
Multifilament construction
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Badminton String 200m Reel
  • Color: Yellow