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Yonex Aerosense As 20 Feather Shuttle - 1 Dozen, Speed- Speed - 3 /78 / Medium

Yonex Aerosense As 20 Feather Shuttle - 1 Dozen, Speed- Speed - 3 /78 / Medium

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The Yonex Aerosense AS20 Feather Shuttle is a premium badminton shuttlecock designed to deliver exceptional performance on the court. Engineered with precision and crafted using high-quality materials, these shuttlecocks offer outstanding flight stability, durability, and playability. Whether you're a professional player or an enthusiastic badminton lover, the Yonex Aerosense AS20 is the shuttlecock that will elevate your game to new heights.

Technical Characteristics and Specifications:

Feather Type: The Aerosense AS20 shuttlecocks feature carefully selected natural feathers known for their consistent performance and durability. These feathers are sourced from premium birds, ensuring excellent flight characteristics and enhanced durability.

Flight Stability: Designed with advanced aerodynamics, the AS20 shuttlecocks offer superior flight stability. The streamlined feather design minimizes air resistance, allowing for precise and accurate shots with minimal deviation. Players can rely on consistent flight trajectories, even during high-intensity gameplay.

Durability: Yonex places a strong emphasis on durability, and the AS20 shuttlecocks are built to last. The combination of sturdy feathers and a robust cork base ensures prolonged performance and resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable for both practice sessions and competitive matches.

Speed Rating: The Yonex Aerosense AS20 shuttlecocks have a speed rating of 3/78, indicating a medium speed suitable for various playing styles. This speed rating strikes a balance between quickness and control, allowing players to execute shots with accuracy and responsiveness.

Packaging: Each purchase of the Yonex Aerosense AS20 Feather Shuttle includes one dozen (12) shuttlecocks. The shuttlecocks are securely packed in a durable container, ensuring protection during storage and transportation. The packaging maintains the shuttlecocks' quality and integrity until they are ready for use.

Official Tournament Standard: The Yonex Aerosense AS20 shuttlecocks comply with the official standards set by badminton governing bodies. These shuttlecocks are approved for use in professional tournaments and championships, providing players with a reliable and authentic playing experience.

Recommended Usage: The Aerosense AS20 Feather Shuttle is designed for players of all levels who seek exceptional performance and consistency. Whether you're an advanced player looking to compete at the highest level or an enthusiastic amateur honing your skills, the AS20 shuttlecocks are the ideal choice to enhance your game.

Compatibility: The Yonex Aerosense AS20 shuttlecocks are compatible with all standard badminton racquets. They are designed to fit securely and provide a satisfying impact when struck, allowing players to maximize their performance on the court...
  • Brand: YONEX
  • Material: Cork.
  • Height: 15.35in.
  • Length: 2.76in.
  • Design: Feather.
  • Cork Center, Medium Speed.