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Yonex Aerosensa 20 Feather Shuttles

Yonex Aerosensa 20 Feather Shuttles

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YONEX AEROSENSA shuttlecocks are the official shuttlecock for the world’s leading international tournaments. The precisely engineered technology in every lightweight YONEX feather shuttlecock is extensively checked and tested to guarantee consistent performance.

YONEX Feather Shuttlecocks are precision-manufactured to ensure the correct speed, distance and stability performance.

Temperature Grade

33°C and above
27°C - 33°C
22°C - 28°C
17°C - 23°C
18°C and below

Feather Material: The shuttlecocks are made from high-quality goose feathers, which offer excellent durability, flight stability, and control.

Flight Performance: The Aerosensa 20 shuttlecocks are known for their precise flight trajectory, allowing players to accurately place shots on the badminton court.

Speed: The Aerosensa 20 is classified as a medium-speed shuttlecock, making it suitable for players with a moderate playing style.

Durability: These shuttlecocks are designed to withstand the demands of competitive play, providing consistent performance throughout a match.

Suitable for Competitive Play: The Yonex Aerosensa 20 Feather Shuttles are preferred by professional and competitive players who seek high-quality shuttlecocks for tournament play.

Feather Shuttle
Speed 3
Quantity: 1 Tube / 12 Shuttlecocks
  • Feather Shuttle
  • Speed 3
  • Tube Of 12