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Yonex Aerosensa Tennis Shuttlecocks 10 Feather - White

Yonex Aerosensa Tennis Shuttlecocks 10 Feather - White

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The Yonex Aerosensa Tennis Shuttlecocks are top-of-the-line shuttlecocks designed specifically for tennis. With a pack of 10 feather shuttlecocks, these high-quality projectiles deliver exceptional performance, durability, and consistency during intense tennis matches.

The Aerosensa Tennis Shuttlecocks are meticulously crafted by Yonex, a leading brand in badminton and tennis equipment, ensuring superior quality and precision. The feathers used in these shuttlecocks are carefully selected for their durability, flight stability, and excellent aerodynamic properties.

Each shuttlecock features ten feathers that are flawlessly arranged and secured to ensure optimal flight characteristics. The feathers' white color not only adds elegance but also enhances visibility against various playing surfaces, allowing players to track the shuttlecock's trajectory with ease.

These shuttlecocks are designed to provide a consistent and reliable flight pattern, ensuring fair and accurate gameplay. The high-quality construction enables stable and predictable trajectories, allowing players to focus on their strokes and strategies without any distraction.

The Yonex Aerosensa Tennis Shuttlecocks are suitable for both professional and recreational tennis players. Whether you're engaging in competitive matches, intense training sessions, or casual play, these shuttlecocks offer exceptional durability, resilience, and flight performance, making them a reliable choice for all levels of play..

  • Feathers: 10 feathers per shuttlecock
  • Color: White
  • Brand : Yonex
  • Flight Performance: Consistent and reliable
  • Feather Color: White feathers