YONEX 10167 Polo Shirt-Pink-S

YONEX 10167 Polo Shirt-Pink-S

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Men's sports t-shirt from the limited Grand Slam 2017 collection created for the players of the Yonex team. Sensational clothing for training both indoors and outdoors (tennis, badminton, squash, gym) can also be used every day. Using many years of experience, Yonex designers and engineers have developed an extremely professional collection of costumes. They have managed to create excellent sportswear that gives greater freedom of movement (Power Sleeve, Stretch), faster removal of excess moisture and heat (VeryCool) and protects against harmful solar radiation (UV Reduction) and reduces the effect of static electricity (Antistatic). Light, airy, loose-fitting polo shirt with a three-button collar.Perfectly fits the figure, perfectly wicks sweat, is easy to wash and quick-drying. Flat seams do not pinch or chafe. Attractive design and vivid colors emphasize the sporty character of Yonex clothing. Embroidered company logo on the left chest side. SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES: VERYCOOL- clothes impregnated with Xylitol allow you to keep the body temperature 3 degrees lower during exercise. Xylitol absorbs the heat generated by the human body during exercise. It also captures ultraviolet and infrared radiation to minimize heat build-up in your jersey during play. UV REDUCTION - protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. Research conducted by the Boken Quality Evaluation Institute confirms that the material is 92% effective in capturing UV rays. An additional effect is limiting the heating of the material when playing in the sun. ANTISTATIC - prevents static electricity - The use of carbon-impregnated material fibers prevents the build-up of static electricity. This significantly reduces the effect of static electricity. POWER SLEEVE - greater range of shoulder movement - Properly sewn sleeves allow movement in the range of 165º, while traditional sports t-shirts reach only 120º. AIR-RELEASE - prevents sweating and increases comfort - When the temperature rises wa