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Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racquet

Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racquet

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The Wilson Impact Pro 900 offers a large sweet spot for greater power and control for first-time players.

The Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racquet is a racket designed for squash players who want a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability on the squash court. Squash rackets play a crucial role in a player's performance, and the Impact Pro 900 aims to provide players with the tools they need to excel. Here's a description of the Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racquet:

Key Features:

1. Construction and Material: The Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racquet is typically constructed using durable materials, such as graphite or composite blends. The choice of materials contributes to the racket's overall performance, durability, and feel.

2. Head Size: The head size of the racket is designed to provide a good balance between power and control. The specific head size can influence the power generated by the racket and the precision of shots.

3. Weight and Balance: The weight and balance of the racket play a significant role in determining its maneuverability and feel. The Impact Pro 900 is likely designed to have a balanced feel that allows players to generate power while maintaining control.

4. String Pattern: The string pattern of the racket affects how it interacts with the ball. A denser string pattern can provide more control, while a more open pattern may enhance power. The Impact Pro 900 likely features a string pattern suitable for a balanced playing style.

5. Grip: The racket comes with a comfortable grip that allows players to maintain a secure hold during fast-paced rallies and shots.

6. Design and Aesthetics: The racket's design and aesthetics, including the choice of colors and branding, contribute to its overall visual appeal and recognition.

7. Player Level: The Impact Pro 900 is likely designed for intermediate to advanced squash players who want a racket that offers a good combination of features without being overly specialized for a particular style of play.

8. String Tension: The appropriate string tension can affect the racket's playability. Players may need to customize the string tension based on their individual preferences and playing style.

- Head Size: 77in2 (496cm2)
- Frame Weight: 214g (7.5oz)
- Balance: 309mm (Head Light)
- Length: 27’’ (685mm)
- Strung with a Wilson Nylon string
- String Pattern: 14x19
- Construction: Aluminium
- Grip: Wilson PU
- 3/4 cover included
  • V-Matrix Technology: Larger Sweet Spot
  • AirLite Alloy: Lightweight Strength
  • Stop Shock Sleeves: Reduced String Vibration
  • Power Strings: Longer Mainstrings Increase Power
  • Frame Stabilizer: Increased Stability