Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 5.0 Tennis Racquet

Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 5.0 Tennis Racquet

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Feel comfortable with total control
Hit shots that win games. The larger head size of the CV 5.0 gives you an increased sweet spot, to help you strike the ball with more power and comfort. And its light weight and manoeuvrability mean no shot is out of your reach.
Return easier. Premium silicone–based EVA material are placed at key areas of the frame. Their high elasticity and rebound properties make it easier for you to return the ball.
Hit harder. Strings compress when the ball hits, then amplify and return the force to the ball. So you get even more powerful shots.
Play comfortable. Sonic Core Technology reduces frame vibration. So your racket feels more comfortable and in your control.
2. Play shots with even more power
Parallel drill holes and strings create a larger hitting area. That means you can play with more power, spin and feel.
3. Hit a crisper, cleaner shot
Reduce vibration on your shots and get greater stability on those off-centre strikes. All thanks to high-elasticity carbon construction.
4. Hit a more focused shot
Feel a cleaner contact with the ball thanks to thermal energy conversion technology. This helps reduce vibrations without increasing weight or reducing frame strength.
5. Enjoy enhanced power and stability
Get a firm bite and enhanced shot power, thanks to the optimised rigidity from a V-shaped cross-section.