Prince Hybrid Recoil 3D 16 Black

Prince Hybrid Recoil 3D 16 Black

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The low-friction GORE coating on Recoil combined with the pronounced edges of Poly Spin 3D provide maximum spin with precise control. Poly Spin 3D (Mains) offers patent-pending Co-Extrusion technology for added durability, better tension maintenance and less shock. The unique 3D edges add a new dimension to your game by gripping the ball for added spin and control. Prince Recoil (Crosses) realigns after each hit creating consistent long lasting performance and superior playability Excellent feel and comfort. Gauge: 16L gauge / 1.27mm / 22 ft. Poly Spin 3D for Mains. 16 gauge / 1.30 mm / 20 ft. Recoil for Crosses. Color: Black/Clear/White