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Prince Beast XP 15g Green Tennis String

Prince Beast XP 15g Green Tennis String

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The worlds first ever thermopolyester string Beast XP 15 from Prince is finally here The larger diameter helps to increase control and durability but sacrifices some feel and spin Designed and tested through a promotion through 361nationcom this string utilizes a secret alloy additive for extraordinary performance Engineered to balance power control spin and feel Beast XP allows players to maximize their performance without changing their game The string reacts to their player and their swing providing more spin for faster swings and more depth on slower swings The string features an optimized dynamic surface which allows the string to displace and return within 2 milliseconds offering greater spin and ensuring that strings do not move out of place Beast XP also undergoes a series of sequential heating and stretching phases in order to align the polymer chains ensuring a consistent material and increasing tension maintenance All of this combines to create one of the most advanced strings on the market offering feel control power and precision for all levels and stylesConstruction Extruded ThermoPolyesterColor Lime GreenGauge 135mm


  • The world's 1st Thermo-Poly string!
  • A thermo-poly string, fine-tuned to deliver power, performance and precision that’s consistently ferocious. On every racquet. On every point. In every game.