Yonex Poly Tour Spin G 125 Tennis String

Yonex Poly Tour Spin G 125 Tennis String

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Plushy “HR-Elastomer” built into the string enhances shock-resistance and repulsion. This allows players to hit powerful shots while reducing the impact on one’s arm.
Stretched under controlled temperature, YONEX strings deliver greater durability, reduced fatigue and consistent repulsion.
Made With Polyester (Monofilament). Gauge: 1.25mm/16L
SIF Technology
This new Silicone Oil Infused Filament (SIF) technology--monofilament infused with Silicone oil--allows big hitters to experience ultimate spin from intense snapback speeds. Greater snapback produces a powerful spin. SIF Technology with unique pentagonal structure allows the string to move faster than conventional models, increasing spin.