Gearbox Mono Core White Racquetball String

Gearbox Mono Core White Racquetball String

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Mono Premium is the standard string for all Gearbox racquets including our top of the line collections. Your string selection is important when looking to customize an maximize the performance of your racquet. Gearbox strings all its high end collections (GB-250,Solid 1.0 and MX1) with 18g Mono Premium from factory. If you are looking for a firm and crisp feel, then we suggest monofilament string.
Solid Nylon 66 core with thin Nylon 66 filaments coiled around the core string and covered with a Nylon sheath for great performance and durability.
Stiffer feel
45’ length to string any racquet
Great overall performance string
Soon to be offered in black as well, arriving summer of 2013.