Head Spark Team Pack Squash Racquet

Head Spark Team Pack Squash Racquet

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Perfect for beginners, the SPARK ELITE racquet features a closed shaft construction and the perfect weight for high stability.
This one is perfect if you have never had a squash racquet in your hand. Coming along with a beautiful color update to its very bold asymmetric color-blocking design, the SPARK TEAM racquet and its special split shaft construction provides awesome stability. The pack also offers eyewear and two balls to get your journey started the right way.
  • Head Size: 485 cm² / 75 in²
  • Weight: 195 g / 6.9 oz
  • Balance: head light
  • String Type: 14/19
  • Beam: 19
  • Head Size: 485 cm² / 75 in²
  • Weight: 195 g / 6.9 oz
  • Balance: head light
  • String Type: 14/19
  • Beam: 19