Head Boom Team Tennis Racquet

Head Boom Team Tennis Racquet

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Focus on having more fun with the new BOOM TEAM. Power is combined with the sensational feel of the innovative new Auxetic construction, so you don't have to think about anything else but enjoying the moment. Hitting tennis balls is such a pleasure with this racquet that you won't ever want to stop. The fun-loving BOOM TEAM, which is made with a new shape, has a more forgiving frame for additional playability, and is going to enhance your power and confidence.
  • EXPLODE ON THE COURT: The new, fun-loving and explosive Head Boom Team Tennis Racquet is perfect for intermediate players, with its more forgiving frame.
  • BOOM TEAM FEATURES: Explosive power. Sensational feel. More forgiving frame for additional playability. New racquet shape. For intermediate players.
  • RACQUET SPECIFICATIONS: CPI: 800; WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 275 g / 9.7 oz; STRING PATTERN: 16/19; HEAD SIZE: 660 cm² / 102 in²; GRIP SIZE: 0-5; BALANCE: 330 mm / 0.5 in HL; LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in; BEAM: 25
  • AUXETIC TECHNOLOGY: Auxetic constructions show a unique deformation compared to non-Auxetic constructions. Due to their internal properties, Auxetic constructions widen when a “pull” force is applied and contract when squeezed. The bigger the applied force, the bigger the Auxetic reaction.
  • GRAPHENE INSIDE: Strategically positioned in most head racquets, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability and optimises energy transfer from racquet to ball.