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Head Instinct PWR 110 2022 Tennis Racquet

Head Instinct PWR 110 2022 Tennis Racquet

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Introducing the Head 2022 Instinct PWR 110 Tennis Racquet, a powerful and forgiving option for players looking for an oversized head size and lightweight design. This racquet offers a perfect balance of power, comfort, and maneuverability on the tennis court. Here's a detailed description of its features:

1. Head Size and String Pattern: The Instinct PWR 110 features an oversized head size of approximately 110 square inches. This larger head provides a generous sweet spot, offering added power and forgiveness on off-center hits. It is usually strung with a more open string pattern, such as 16x19, which helps increase spin potential and enhance playability.

2. Lightweight Design: This racquet is designed to be lightweight, typically weighing around 9.5 to 10.2 ounces (unstrung). The reduced weight allows for easy maneuverability, enabling players to swing the racquet with speed and agility, making it suitable for players with slower swing speeds or those seeking a more comfortable and effortless playing experience.

3. Graphene 360+ Technology: The Instinct PWR 110 incorporates Head's Graphene 360+ technology. This innovative technology reinforces the racquet's frame, enhancing stability, power, and feel. The addition of spiralfibers in the lower part of the frame further improves flex, providing a cleaner and more comfortable hitting sensation.

4. Power and Forgiveness: With its oversized head and lightweight construction, the Instinct PWR 110 excels in generating power. The enlarged sweet spot minimizes the negative effects of off-center hits, offering greater forgiveness and reducing the likelihood of mishits. This makes it an ideal choice for players who prioritize power and ease of play.

5. Comfort and Dampening: The racquet incorporates technologies to enhance comfort during play. Dampening systems or vibration dampeners are often employed to reduce unwanted vibrations, minimizing the risk of arm fatigue and discomfort. This allows players to focus on their game without distractions.

6. All-Court Performance: The Instinct PWR 110 is designed to perform well on different court surfaces. Its lightweight and maneuverable nature make it suitable for players who enjoy playing all-court tennis, adapting to various playing conditions and shot requirements.

7. Striking Aesthetics: The Instinct PWR 110 showcases a sleek and modern design. Its vibrant colors and stylish graphics make it visually appealing and a standout on the tennis court.

Experience the perfect blend of power, forgiveness, and comfort with the Head 2022 Instinct PWR 110 Tennis Racquet. Designed for players seeking a lightweight and powerful option, this racquet offers an enjoyable playing experience for beginners to intermediate-level players looking to improve their game.
  • Head Size: 110 in / 709.68 cm
  • Racquet Length: 27.4in / 69.6cm
  • Strung Weight: 9.7oz / 275g
  • Balance: 13.8in / 35.05cm / 1 pts (HH)
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses