Gearbox GH7 Neon Yellow Pickleball Paddle

Gearbox GH7 Neon Yellow Pickleball Paddle

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The Gearbox GH7 is handcrafted with Fiber H7 Technology. This technology allows Gearbox engineers to meticulously construct a paddle layer by layer, from the core to the composite face. With the ability to custom build aspects of the honeycomb paddle, Gearbox can create a superior hitting surface, excellent playability, and improved overall durability.
The GH7 is one of the BEST honeycomb paddles in its class, giving you a traditional feel, optimal balance, soft sound, maximum control with power, impressive durability, all with a high-end look at a very affordable price!
- USAPA Approved
- NEW Soft Sound
- NEW Fiber H7 Technology
- NEW Control with Power
- NEW Molded Handle
Playability And Technology
Gearbox understands the importance of being able to rely on your gear, especially when you need it the most! Gearbox is determined to deliver superior products so that avid players can have peace of mind and simply enjoy the game! Fiber H7 Technology is part of that Gearbox promise, to never stop innovating and always strive to do better!
Fiber H7 Technology
Fiber H7 Technology describes the entire construction of the GH7 paddle, from the core to the face. The core is constructed with a Polypropylene (PPE) honeycomb. Gearbox then customs builds the face, using Unidirectional Fiberglass. The advantage of this fiberglass is that it can be applied in various angles, allowing Gearbox engineers to tailor play and feel. In addition, Gearbox is able to reinforce specific areas of the paddle face, improving overall durability.
Softer Sound
The GH7 has a soft sound when hitting the ball.
Control And Power
The GH7 offers the optimal balance between power and control. This collection has a soft feel yet provides all the power you need for baseline play, the serve or an overhead smash. The control in this paddle will help you excel and challenge your opponent with play at the kitchen. The GH7 will perform in those critical moments when you need your paddle to do what it is designed to do, elevate your game!
Molded Handle
First impressions are critical. Your first impression of any paddle, is often the feel of that paddle in your hand. The GH7 features a molded handle to improve the feel and comfort of the grip. We want you to experience comfort and excellence from the first moment you pick up a Gearbox paddle.