Gearbox GB-75 Racquetball Racquet

Gearbox GB-75 Racquetball Racquet

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The Best Racquet in its Category
- Weight 190g
CB Power String Pattern
Our exclusive string pattern with larger spacing near the edge of the frame is designed for maximum power and a denser sweet spot for ball control.
Proportional Frame Design
Gearbox racquets are designed with proportional “width to length“ ratio and a longer handle for superior performance. it's the perfect frame ratio. Optimal width design maximizes rotational force about the Y-Axis providing the best stability and maneuverability.
Quadra/Teardrop Hybrid Frame
The Teardrop shape maximizes the power of your racquet while the Quadrafonn provides all the control you need.
Vibration Control System
Exclusive adjustable rubber damper system for a customized feel. Contract to eliminate vibration or stretch to increase string vibration feel. This system will not come off during play