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GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball, 3 Ball pack

GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball, 3 Ball pack

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The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball is a high-performance ball designed specifically for outdoor pickleball play. This 3-ball pack provides players with exceptional durability, consistent bounce, and enhanced visibility on the court. Crafted with precision and using top-quality materials, these balls are ideal for players of all skill levels who seek an outstanding playing experience.

Technical Characteristics:

Material: The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball is crafted from premium-grade materials that ensure superior durability and longevity. The high-quality construction enables the balls to withstand the rigors of outdoor play without compromising their performance.

Construction: These balls are designed with a seamless construction, resulting in consistent bounce and flight characteristics. The seamless design ensures a reliable and predictable trajectory, enhancing gameplay and player confidence.

Size and Weight: The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball conforms to the official size and weight standards. With a diameter of 2.9375 inches (7.46 cm) and weighing approximately 0.92 ounces (26 grams), these balls provide players with the familiar feel and control necessary for accurate shots.

Color: The balls feature a vibrant, eye-catching green color that enhances visibility on the court. The high-contrast color allows players to track the ball's movement easily, facilitating quick reactions and optimal gameplay.

Performance: The GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball offers exceptional performance characteristics. With its precise balance of bounce and flight, players can execute accurate shots and enjoy a consistent playing experience. The balls' responsive nature ensures reliable performance across various outdoor playing conditions.

Approved by Official Bodies: These pickleball balls meet the regulations set by official pickleball governing bodies, guaranteeing they meet the standards required for competitive play.

Quantity: Each pack contains three GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleball balls, providing players with ample balls for singles or doubles matches.

  • Material: Premium-grade construction
  • Construction: Seamless design
  • Size: 2.9375 inches (7.46 cm) in diameter
  • Weight: Approximately 0.92 ounces (26 grams)
  • Color: Vibrant green
  • Quantity: 3 balls per pack