Head Extreme Pro Racquetball Racquet

Head Extreme Pro Racquetball Racquet

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The newly redesigned Extreme Pro has been upgraded to Feature HEAD’s exclusive Graphene Technology. The added power of Graphene at only 165 grams with a more head heavy balance makes this racquet a great option for players looking for light weight powerful performance. This model can also be strung in either the Standard 16/16 pattern or the max power 12/16 pattern (ASP).
Power Channels
HEAD engineers have eliminated 33% of the grommet holes in the head of the racquet by developing innovative shared ports. In addition, Power Channels have been lowered deeper into the throat of the racquet.
HEAD’s new core technology introduces the world’s strongest and lightest material: Graphene.
Adaptive String Pattern(ASP)

With the new Adaptive String Pattern technology (ASP), players can have precision, durability and softer feel in one racquet. Specially designed inserts allow you to choose your string pattern every time you string.