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Engage Pickleball Omega Evolution Max Pickleball Paddle - (Black and Grey)

Engage Pickleball Omega Evolution Max Pickleball Paddle - (Black and Grey)

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Introducing the Engage Pickleball Omega Evolution Max Pickleball Paddle, the ultimate choice for adult pickleball players looking for unrivaled performance on the court. This USAPA approved paddle combines advanced technology, exceptional construction, and a sleek design to elevate your pickleball game to the next level.

The paddle features a high-performance polymer core, engineered to provide the perfect balance of power and control. The polymer material offers exceptional responsiveness, allowing for precise shots and improved accuracy. It also offers enhanced durability, ensuring your paddle can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.

The paddle's skin is crafted from a premium composite material, delivering a smooth and responsive surface. The composite skin optimizes ball control and spin, enabling you to execute precise shots with ease. The surface texture enhances grip, giving you the confidence to generate spin and control the ball effectively.

Weighing between 7.6 to 8.3 ounces, this paddle strikes the ideal balance between maneuverability and stability. Its standard size, with a length of 16 inches and width of 8 inches, provides a comfortable grip and a generous sweet spot for consistent performance. The sleek black and grey design adds a touch of sophistication to your game.

Upgrade your pickleball equipment to the Engage Pickleball Omega Evolution Max Pickleball Paddle and experience unmatched performance on the court. With its cutting-edge technology, superior construction, and stylish design, this paddle is the perfect choice for discerning players who demand excellence. Elevate your pickleball game and dominate the competition with confidence.

Sound Tested: To meet the strictest Community requirements
USA Pickleball Approved: For Tournament Play
  • Skin: Extreme Grit Textured Friction-based Carbon Fiber
  • Core: HoldTek Polymer Honeycomb Core
  • Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 oz
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Grip Length: 5 inches
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4 inch