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E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 175 Grams (3 5/8" Small)

E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 175 Grams (3 5/8" Small)

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Racquet Specs:

Weight: 175g (unstrung)
Frame Shape: Quadraform
Strung Surface 108 sq in
Balance: Even
String: E-Force Oxygen 17g
Grip Size : 3 5/8
The Takeover - E-Force’s best! Advanced players have the power, accuracy and touch to own the court. Beginning and intermediate players kill more shots, save rallies and swing with confidence. The solid, forgiving hitting surface is damp, provides control and makes winners on even off center hits.

E-Force’s exclusive and patented racquetball-only inventions give you the edge. Extreme LongString, 22” LongString, Powerhouse Shaft and Launch Pad technologies deliver unrelenting power. Vibration is minimized and touch enhanced with Power Boosters G2 and Zero Richter Tubes. The entire frame becomes a solid, accurate and stable kill zone. The Dual Cylinder Frame with Graphite Bridge, Total Carbon Head, Tri Carbon Construction and By-Pass Stringing enhance durability, frame stiffness and overall power.

Get the most out of your game!