E Force DarkStar 175 3 5/8"

E Force DarkStar 175 3 5/8"

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Quadraform shape = More precision shoots Extreme longstring = More power Launchpad technology = More power and evenly distributed power response is created by eliminating deflection distorting throat area cross strings Hollow shaft adds power without reducing 22 inch mainstring length; placing frame mass nearer to the hitting surface. Also provides more hitting leverage and power while allowing strings to extend through the racquet’s full 22 inch length 22" long string = All 14 mains extend in free space from head though the entire hollow graphite handle allowing deflection along the entire length of the frame for even more power. The DarkStar is made up of over 50 individual graphite pieces that are molded into a single frame structure using high temperature and pressure. These parts vary in size, shape, stiffness, weight, fiber direction and specific type of graphite material. Each graphite piece is designed, engineered and manufactured so all 50 plus parts are specifically and strategically placed. The result is every inch and DarkStar segment gives you optimum stiffness, flexibility, balance, weight, maneuverability and durability. Every court advantage is yours!