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Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 Padel Racket, Black/Blue/Yellow

Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 Padel Racket, Black/Blue/Yellow

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Graphite Frame construction ideal for beginners and occasional players. Round headshape for a wide sweetspot and Ultra Soft core for extra comfort and lighter weight.

The Dunlop Rapid Control 3.0 Padel Racket in Black/Blue/Yellow is a high-quality racket that combines control, maneuverability, and style on the padel court. Designed for players who prioritize precision and finesse in their game, this racket offers exceptional performance and a striking color scheme that will make you stand out on the court.

Technical Characteristics:
1. Power Frame Technology: The Rapid Control 3.0 features Dunlop's Power Frame Technology, which enhances power transfer and stability. This technology optimizes the racket's frame construction, providing a solid and controlled feel in every shot.

2. Carbon Construction: The racket is constructed with a carbon frame, delivering excellent strength, stiffness, and durability. The carbon material enhances responsiveness and power, allowing you to execute powerful and accurate shots with confidence.

3. Control Foam Core: The racket incorporates a Control Foam Core, which provides outstanding control and touch. This core optimizes the sweet spot, ensuring precise shots and a comfortable feel when striking the ball.

4. Diamond Shape: The Rapid Control 3.0 features a diamond-shaped head, offering a larger sweet spot and increased power potential. This shape allows you to generate powerful shots while maintaining control and maneuverability, making it suitable for players who enjoy aggressive playstyles.

5. Comfort Grip System: To enhance comfort and reduce vibrations, the racket is equipped with a Comfort Grip System. This system absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a comfortable and smooth feel during play. It minimizes the risk of arm fatigue, enabling you to play with precision and consistency for longer periods.

6. Weight and Balance: The Rapid Control 3.0 is designed with a balanced weight distribution, providing excellent maneuverability and control. Its manageable weight allows for quick reactions and swift movements, enhancing your agility on the court.

7. Pro Soft Grip: The racket comes with a Pro Soft Grip that offers excellent tackiness and a comfortable feel. The grip provides optimal control and prevents slippage, ensuring a secure hold on the racket even during intense rallies.

Weight: 360 Grams
Balance: Medium
Beam Thickness: 38mm
Head Shape: Round
  • Weight: 360 Grams
  • Balance: Medium
  • Beam Thickness: 38mm
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Black/Blue/Yellow