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Dunlop FX500 Lite V23 Tennis Racket

Dunlop FX500 Lite V23 Tennis Racket

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The Dunlop Sports FX500 Lite V23 Tennis Racket is a lightweight and maneuverable racket designed for young tennis players. Here's the description of its technical benefits and technology:

Technical Benefits:
1. Lightweight Construction: The FX500 Lite V23 racket is specifically designed to be lightweight, making it easier for young players to handle and swing with control. The light weight allows for better maneuverability and helps juniors develop proper swing techniques.

2. Easy Power and Spin Generation: The racket's design and construction allow for effortless power and spin generation. This helps young players generate more speed and spin on their shots, enhancing their overall game and shot-making capabilities.

3. Enhanced Control and Feel: The racket's design offers excellent control and feel, allowing young players to have better touch and precision in their shots. This helps them develop better shot placement and control over the ball.

1. Sonic Core Technology+: The FX500 Lite V23 racket incorporates Sonic Core Technology+, which features an Infinergy foam-filled core. This technology enhances the racket's dampening properties, providing greater comfort and reducing vibrations for a more comfortable and controlled feel.

2. Power Grid String Tech: The racket utilizes Power Grid String Tech, which is a dense string pattern in the center of the racket's string bed. This technology helps to increase string bed deflection, resulting in enhanced power and a larger sweet spot.

3. Parallel Strung Technology: The racket features Parallel Strung Technology, where the strings are spaced evenly for consistent string tension across the entire string bed. This technology promotes a more uniform response and optimal control.

In summary, the Dunlop Sports FX500 Lite V23 Tennis Racket is an ideal choice for young players looking for a lightweight and maneuverable racket that offers easy power, spin generation, and enhanced control. With its advanced technologies like Sonic Core Technology+ and Power Grid String Tech, this racket provides comfort, stability, and performance, helping young players improve their game on the tennis court.
  • HEAD SIZE (SQ INCHES): 645 / 100
  • LENGTH (INCHES): 68.6 / 27
  • UN-STRUNG WEIGHT (G/OZ): 270 / 9.5
  • BEAM WIDTH (MM): 23-26-23 RA/STIFFNESS: 71