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Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 120 Squash Racket

Dunlop Sonic Core Evolution 120 Squash Racket

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Get the lightest racquet in the Dunlop Sonic Core family with the Evolution 120 Squash Racquet. This racquet is endorsed by Nick Matthew and offers players power, stability and maneuverability from a hybrid shaped frame.

The Evolution 120 is powered by Srixon and built with Infinergy by BASF that is elastic material that increases the rebound height and offers faster ball speed off the racquet. This technology is placed at 10 and 2 o'clock areas of the frame that helps reduce friction.

There are pocketed grommets and an aerodynamic cross section that increases the head speed that works with GlidePolymer to help players generate extra power and added durability.

Unique grommet polymer contains micro beads that reduce friction while increasing string movement for enhanced power

Pocketed grommets increase the racket head speed for excellent manueuverability

SonicCore with Infinergy foam provides super rebound properties and reduces racket vibrations by up to 37%

A 9% sharper leading edge allows frame to slice through the air faster and hit the ball harder

Head Size: 76 sq in/490 sq cm
Weight: 120g
String Pattern: 14x18
Balance: Extra Head Light
Frame Shape: Hybrid
  • Sonic Core with Infinergy by BASF
  • Glide Polymer for Increased Durability and Grommet Life
  • Factory String: Great White
  • Factory Grip: Hydromax Pro
  • Model Number: 10326925