DUNLOP Silk Power and Comfort 17G/1.22MM

DUNLOP Silk Power and Comfort 17G/1.22MM

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The newest premium mutlifilament synthetic string to hit the market, Dunlop Biomimetic Silk 16 offers players that soft, comfortable, powerful stringbed they seek. The entire Biomimetic line is designed by studying natural evolutionary designs and applying them to products for tennis. Silk is obviously named for one of the world's softest and strongest natural fibers, and does not disappoint. The Pure DuPont PA66 multifilament central core results in a generous sweetspot, and excellent power. Using small fibers bonded with thermo elastic PU resin makes this string feel extremely soft and comfortable. The closest synthetic to natural gut in the Dunlop line, this is a good string for the player looking for gut's comfort, but at a much reduced price tag. Featuring a bonded polymer outer coating to reduce friction between strings, the string will have enhanced durability as well as increased spin generation. Silk is a perfect string for players with arm discomfort, as well as anyone seeking a large sweetspot with power and feel.