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Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs (12 Pack)

Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs (12 Pack)

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The Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs come in a pack of 12 and are designed to provide players with a high-quality playing experience on the pickleball court.

The Premier Power Pickleballs are constructed using a durable and responsive polymer material. This material offers excellent durability, allowing the balls to withstand the rigors of gameplay and maintain their performance over time. The responsive nature of the balls ensures consistent bounce and reliable flight characteristics.

With their advanced design, the Premier Power Pickleballs offer players a good balance between playability and durability. They have a standard size and weight that meets official pickleball standards, making them suitable for both recreational and competitive play.

The Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs are suitable for players looking for a reliable and durable option for their pickleball games. Whether you're playing casually with friends or competing in tournaments, these balls will provide consistent performance and enjoyable gameplay.
  • Quantity: 12 balls per pack
  • Construction: Durable and responsive polymer material
  • Average Bounce - 32.66 in
  • Average Weight - 0.924 oz
  • Average Hardness - 53.25
  • Average Compression- 30.85