e-Force Dark Star 160 gram Quadraform Racquetball Racquet

e-Force Dark Star 160 gram Quadraform Racquetball Racquet

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E-Force’s best!  Advanced players have the power, accuracy and touch to own the court.  Beginning and intermediate players kill more shots, save rallies and swing with confidence.  The solid, forgiving hitting surface is damp, provides control and makes winners on even off center hits.
E-Force’s exclusive and patented racquetball-only inventions give you the edge.  Extreme LongString, 22” LongString, Powerhouse Shaft and Launch Pad technologies deliver unrelenting power.  Vibration is minimized and touch enhanced with Power Boosters G2 and extended Zero Richter Tubes.  The entire frame becomes a solid, accurate and stable kill zone.  The Dual Cylinder Frame with Graphite Bridge, Total Carbon Head, Tri Carbon Construction and By-Pass Stringing enhance durability, frame stiffness and overall power.
1. The DarkStar is the total power racquet!  Power for kills, sidewall passes, drives serves, ceiling balls, splats and more.

- Extreme LongString – All strings are as long as possible in free space for maximum power storing string bed deflection over the entire strung surface.  The cross strings extend to the frame’s outside perimeter; while the mains extend from the racquet tip entirely through the hollow handle.  Massive power.
- 22” LongString
– All 14 mains extend in free space from head though the entire hollow graphite handle allowing deflection along the entire length of the frame for even more power.
- Launch Pad Technology – More power and evenly distributed power response is created by eliminating deflection distorting throat area cross strings.  Stringbed deflection is increased and more proportionately distributed along the entire 22 inch stringbed.
- Powerhouse Shaft - Hollow shaft adds power without reducing 22 inch mainstring length; placing frame mass nearer to the hitting surface.  Also provides more hitting leverage and power while allowing strings to extend through the racquet’s full 22 inch length
2. The DarkStar has a Vibration damping frame with a consistent, solid and even stringbed results in more accurate shots and increased ball control.
- G2 Power Boosters – The string bed is stabilized and vibration reduced by 32 inches of large diameter Booster Tubes strategically placed on both ends of 11 cross strings.   Power is maintained and points scored on even off center hits.
- Zero Richter Tubes X2 – The 14 mains are each encased in 9.5 inches of flexible “Richter Tubes” hidden in the handle and extending onto the lower throat area strings. Totaling over 10 feet, the tubes minimize vibration to just the right amount for the necessary touch to keep you in control.
- 22” LongString Combined with Zero Richter Tubes – The 22” mains extending through the handle create tremendous power.  The vibration associated with that power is reduced to the minimum desired by addition of the associated 10 feet, or 9.5 inches per string, Zero Richter Tubes.  The “tubes” also dramatically facilitate re-stringing through the handle.
3. Durability to keep you on the court!  DarkStar frame design, materials and construction delivers even more power, better play characteristics and ball feel.
- Dual Cylinder – Exclusive graphite two cylinder frame (rather than one) connected by a thin graphite bridge at the frame’s outer edge.  Increased durability while reducing frame twist and distortion transferring more power to the ball.  Strings anchored at bridge’s outside edge for greater string length and power.
- Hi Compression Wing– Thin aerodynamic frame shape with super thick durable frame tube walls.  Fast, quick, maneuverable and more durable.
- Bypass Stringing System – Mainstrings “Bypass” or skip two holes before re-entering stringbed so ball never strikes two directly connected mainstring segments.  Livelier string bed, better ball response, more power and less string breakage.
- Total Carbon Head – More graphite in racquet head by replacing paint, plastic and non-structural materials at the racquet tip with additional graphite.  Increases head stiffness which reduces frame distortion and adds both power and durability.
DarkStar Graphite Construction
The DarkStar is made up of over 50 individual graphite pieces that are molded into a single frame structure using high temperature and pressure.  These parts vary in size, shape, stiffness, weight, fiber direction and specific type of graphite material.  Each graphite piece is designed, engineered and manufactured so all 50 plus parts are specifically and strategically placed.  The result is every inch and DarkStar segment gives you optimum stiffness, flexibility, balance, weight, maneuverability and durability.  Every court advantage is yours!