Dunlop Hyperfibre XT 135 Squash Racquet

Dunlop Hyperfibre XT 135 Squash Racquet

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Packs more power thanks to the mix of a larger head, thicker aero beam and the 14x18 Powermax string pattern. The most powerful Hyperfirbre XT racket.

Hyperfibre XT Series is designed to deliver ultimate power and speed for aggressive players. Advanced frame aerodynamics make the rackets ultra maneuverable and allow for easy power generation.

  • Head Size: 500/78 SQ.CM
  • weight: 135/4.8G
  • Length: 68.6/27
  • String type: 14 x 19
  • Balance: HEAD LIGHT
  • Head Size: 500/78 SQ.CM
  • weight: 135/4.8G
  • Length: 68.6/27
  • String type: 14 x 19
  • Balance: HEAD LIGHT