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Carlton Vapour Trail 85 Badminton Racket, Black/Yellow, G4, Pre Strung

Carlton Vapour Trail 85 Badminton Racket, Black/Yellow, G4, Pre Strung

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The Carlton Vapour Trail Badminton Racket Series is designed with advanced features to provide durability, stability, and enhanced performance. Let's explore its key specifications:

- The racket is constructed with Japanese HotMelt Graphite. This type of graphite is known for being more durable, stable, and consistent in performance compared to normal graphite construction. The use of HotMelt manufacturing technology contributes to the overall quality of the racket.

Strong/Durable Frame:
- The racket features a Flattened T-Joint, offering improved torsional rigidity. This design choice enhances the strength and durability of the frame, allowing players to execute more accurate shots. The flattened T-Joint contributes to the overall stability of the racket during play.

High Repulsion Racket Shaft (HRS Shaft):
- The HRS Shaft is designed to offer high repulsion power. This feature provides a faster return time and more power to your shots. The shaft design contributes to the overall responsiveness and performance of the racket.

- Weight (78 grams): The weight of 78 grams provides a lightweight feel, contributing to the maneuverability of the racket. It is suitable for players who prefer a lighter racket for quick and agile movements.

- Flex (Flexible): The flexible flex rating allows for greater power generation, especially for players who rely on the racket's flexibility to add more power to their shots.

- Length (675mm): The length of 675mm is standard for badminton rackets and contributes to the overall feel and playability of the racket.

- Balance (Head Heavy): The head-heavy balance adds weight to the head of the racket, enhancing power in your shots. This balance is often preferred by players who prioritize powerful and aggressive play.

In summary, the Carlton Vapour Trail Badminton Racket Series is designed for players seeking a combination of durability, stability, and power. The HotMelt Graphite construction, Flattened T-Joint, and HRS Shaft contribute to the overall performance of the racket. The specified weight, flexible flex, and head-heavy balance make it a suitable choice for players who value a lightweight yet powerful and flexible racket.

Length/Balance Point:
- Length: 675mm
- Balance: Head Heavy
- Weight: 78 grams
- Flex: Flexible
  • COMPOSITION: Japanese HotMelt Graphite - More durable, stable and consistent in performance than normal graphite construction
  • STRONG/DURABLE FRAME: Flattened T-Joint offers improved torsional rigidity and allows players toexecute more accurate shots
  • HIGH REPULSION RACKET SHAFT: HRS Shaft offers high repulsion power, giving you faster return time and more power
  • WEIGHT/FLEX: Weight 78 grams/Flex: Flexible
  • LENGTH/BALANCE POINT: Length 675mm/Balance: Head Heavy