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Babolat Original VS Grip Overgrips 3 Pack Yellow

Babolat Original VS Grip Overgrips 3 Pack Yellow

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The Babolat Original VS Overgrips are high-quality overgrips designed to enhance grip and comfort while playing tennis. Here's an overview of their features:

1. Grip Material: The Babolat Original VS Overgrips are made from a soft and tacky material that provides excellent grip and control.

2. Thickness: These overgrips have a standard thickness, which offers a comfortable feel without significantly increasing the grip size of the racket handle.

3. Tacky Surface: The overgrips have a tacky surface that helps prevent slippage and provides a secure hold on the racket handle, even during intense gameplay.

4. Absorption: The Original VS Overgrips have good sweat absorption properties, which help to keep your hands dry and maintain a firm grip.

5. Length: Each overgrip is typically designed to cover the entire length of a standard tennis racket handle, ensuring consistent grip and feel from top to bottom.

6. Durability: Babolat is known for producing durable products, and the Original VS Overgrips are no exception. They are designed to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

7. Pack Quantity: The Original VS Overgrips are often available in packs of three, providing you with multiple replacements or the option to use them on multiple rackets.

These overgrips are suitable for players of all levels, from recreational to professional, and can be used on various types of tennis rackets. They offer a combination of grip, comfort, and durability, enhancing your overall playing experience on the court.
  • High absorption
  • Thinner
  • Easy to place
  • Brand : Babolat