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Babolat SFX All Court Women (Pink Rose) 6 US

Babolat SFX All Court Women (Pink Rose) 6 US

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As of my last update in September 2021, I don't have access to real-time data or current product listings. However, based on the information you've provided, it seems like you're referring to a specific model of Babolat tennis shoes. "Babolat SFX All Court Women (Pink Rose) 6 US" likely indicates the following:

1. Brand: Babolat - A well-known brand in the tennis industry that produces various tennis equipment, including rackets, strings, and shoes.

2. Model: SFX All Court - This refers to a specific model of tennis shoes designed for all-court play, meaning they are suitable for both hard and clay courts.

3. Target Audience: Women - These shoes are designed for female tennis players.

4. Color: Pink Rose - The color of the shoes is described as pink rose, indicating a pink color scheme.

5. Size: 6 US - The size of the shoes is indicated as US size 6.

Pink Rose
Size: 6 US
Rubber sole
  • Rubber sole
  • Size: 6 US
  • Pink Rose