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Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Japan Tennis Racquet, 4 1/4

Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Japan Tennis Racquet, 4 1/4

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The Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Japan Tennis Racquet is a high-performance racquet designed for precision and control on the court. It is part of Babolat's Pure Strike series, known for its exceptional feel and responsiveness.

Featuring a 16x19 string pattern, this racquet offers excellent spin potential, allowing players to generate impressive ball rotation. The head size of the Pure Strike is 98 square inches, providing a balance between control and power.

With an unstrung weight of approximately 305 grams, this racquet offers stability and control during shots. The balance (unstrung) is slightly head-light, making it maneuverable and quick to swing. The swing weight is optimized to deliver a blend of power and control, allowing players to generate ample racket head speed.

The Pure Strike 16x19 Japan features Babolat's Stiffness (RA) rating, which provides a solid and responsive feel at impact while maintaining control. The racquet's section is designed to enhance stability and precision during shots.

The stringing pattern of 16x19 contributes to enhanced spin potential and a lively response from the strings. It allows for excellent control and feel, making it suitable for players who prefer precision shots.

This racquet incorporates advanced technology such as C² Pure Feel, which is designed to dampen vibrations for a more comfortable and connected feel. It helps absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing fatigue and enhancing the overall playing experience.

Overall, the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 Japan Tennis Racquet is a versatile and powerful racquet that offers excellent control, precision, and spin potential. It is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced players seeking a responsive and reliable racquet on the court.
  • Head Size: 630 cm² / 98 in²;
  • Length: 685 mm / 27 in
  • Weight (unstrung): 305 g +/- 7g / 10.8 oz
  • Balance (unstrung): 320 mm +/- 7mm
  • Swing Weight: 305
  • Stringing Pattern: 16/19
  • Stiffness (RA): 70; Section: 21-23-21